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4, 6 or 8 cameras CCTV INSTALLATION-  cheap & professional!
We can provide and install 4, 6 or 8 cameras with a professional trunking/conduit finish for all your security needs. 
CCTV cameras provided will have Audio and video recording as well as motion detection. 
Cameras will be 2MP full HD 1080 with microphones. 
High quality cat 5e solid copper conductor cables will be used. 
NVRs are 8CH (which allows room to add up to 8 cameras without needing to purchase another NVR box!) 
Supplied with 2TB hdd so you never run out of space. 
Please contact me on 07930 257 930 for queries in regards to installation prices. Based in Uxbridge.

  • 4 CCTV camera system - £700 - professionally installed 
  • 6 CCTV camera system- £925 - professionally installed 
  • 8 CCTV camera system - £1250 - professionally installed


Contact us now 07930 257 930 for queries in regards to installation prices