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How to choose the best wig length that suits you

To choose the best wig length for you, there are several things you should pay attention to. They include:


  1. Your height

One of the things that you should pay attention to when buying a wig is your height. The length of the wig should complement your height. For instance, if you are not that tall, you shouldn’t go for a very long wig. It will overwhelm you and make you look shorter. It is best to choose a short or medium-length wig. It will give people an impression that you are taller than you are.


  1. Body shape

Your body shape and structure can also determine the length of wig you should buy. For instance, if you are taller and have a long body, a medium-length wig may appear shorter on you, making it not ideal for you. Similarly, a long wig can also accentuate your long neck. So before you choose a wig length, you must also consider your neck length and torso.


  1. You face

When it comes to choosing the best wig length, the shape of your face is also another important factor that you must pay attention to. After all, you can choose any wig length of your choice, but if it doesn’t complement the shape of your face, it is all going to be a waste. Therefore, when choosing a wig length, try to look for a wig length that perfectly suits your face. For instance, a short bob wig tends to fit women with square faces better. On the other hand, a medium-length wig with wavy or curly hair tends to look more fantastic on women with a diamond face.


  1. Hair density

Finally, your hair density should also be one of the things that you take into consideration when choosing the correct wig length. Ideally, longer hair should have a higher density since it will help the wig look not only fuller but thicker too.


It is advisable to always go for longer lengths because you can always trim the extra lengths. But if the wig is too short, it may be quite difficult to extend its length, which means that you would have wasted your money if you find that it is not an ideal length for you.